Global access to relevant information is the new standard.

AuditMap cuts to the core of information gathering. Your audit documentation is processed, read, and organized to deliver your content in context, meaning that your hours are freed to bring value and greater business impact, rather than spent filtering documentation.

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Use Cases

How AuditMap Helps

Creating audit programs is no longer tedious.

Changes in a business’ landscape have led a CAE to establish quarterly audit program planning cycles. The executive is now regularly called to communicate the breadth of coverage offered by the previous years’ programs to maintain the course for upcoming audit activities. Enter AuditMap, providing an evolving timeline of internal audit coverage. Program plans can now be drafted, and brought for discussion with stakeholders on short notice.

Audit planning is taken to new heights.

An audit manager is tasked with preparing his latest engagement: an assessment aligned with an enterprise risk management framework. The manager uploads his documentation in AuditMap and selects the appropriate framework as an additional filter. While minding the gaps discovered in previous audits performed, the manager skips past extensive document reviews and leverages his expertise to craft the new engagement’s risk and control matrix.

Past documents are 3-clicks away.

Even amidst the conduct and report phases, auditors can quickly get answers on related past work performed. An auditor performing a recurring audit seeks to recommend risk mitigating actions as part of a report, and finds similar risks (and their related controls) to the one being communicated. The auditor now has a basis of formulation and recommendation design for the task at hand.

Timely access to knowledge your team needs.

A consulting firm is scheduled to start its new, large co-source next week, and has received an entire documentation pool. With this new client, Managers of 3 different teams need to make sense of the whole current state quickly. Using AuditMap’s client workspace, all involved are able to take a fast view of the client’s files relating to their engagements scopes. They discover that the practices of the previous internal audit provider were weak in a series of areas before the planning meetings.

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Your exploration, augmented.

Finding focus

Dive into critical statements through the lens of your Audit Universe, and your Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks and get to what you need. Let our tool handle the tedious matching between the information and your corporate frameworks.

Search Everything

Robust options make searches efficient and effective. What was once a keyword guessing game across multiple tools and platforms is now streamlined, and more flexible than ever.

No compromises

Auditor efficiency comes from auditor expertise. AuditMap gathers the information scattered across your documentation to help you make decisions that matter.

Processing Transparency

Obtain the reasonable assurance over AuditMap’s processing with the AI’s export feature.

Hassle-free Content Summaries

In a click, AuditMap generates document summaries to get you in the know quickly.

Group Favorites

Collect & export your data of interest, and refer to them whenever and wherever you need.

Technical Features

Your discovery tool

Flexible deployments

The solution is ready for installations
in-Cloud or on-premise depeding on your needs. The solution is also outfitted with a well documented REST API to integrate with your existing technologies.

Role-Based Access Control

The AuditMap solution is designed to apply industry standard encryption technology and protocols. Client data is separately stored under lock and key via a User portal. Files are accessible only to those having been granted permission.

An evolving solution.

Select your files and upload them to the appropriate client folder. As you work, AuditMap’s AI engine will learn and improve with you. Your corrections drive the improvement your unique version of the tool.

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